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Brendan thought about what Alba was saying to him. She was right about him not even trying to get on with anyone. But why should he even try anymore? A lot of people wanted him dead anyway. No one was trying to rescue them from this. What was the point in trying to be a good person anymore? He was already screwing up more badly than normal. And he honestly felt himself starting not to care.

"Why was I happy to kill her?"

Brendan bit his lip as he stared down at Jaime's body and he felt Alba nudge his head forward a little. He let out a small gasp out of a bit of panick. He really hated this. He hated that the girl that he grew to love over the last few days was now seeing him as a bad person. Which he knew that he was. He wasn't himself.... He was changed by all that had happened. And he had to be honest with Alba.

"....I guess I felt happy that I was the one in control for once.... I'm just so tired of trying to do things the right way..... All I ever do is.... is fuck it up, Alba!" Brendan felt himself snap and then his voice softened as he calmed down. "And now I'm sure that I lost you because I had enough of everything. I'm sorry, Alba. Really I am. I'll leave if you want me to.... or.... or you can end this now.... I-I don't know...."
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