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Al was not moved by the speech of Penelope, he was not super happy that Lili wanted to stay with him. It was weird how much he could emotionally ignore Penelope and Lili, who were supporting him. Because the important thing to him were the words of Raina and Johnny.

Raina was hurting him more. Johnny told them the story. Alessio was exposed. He was directionless. Because of listening to Kizi he was hurt. He became vulnerable, became emotional instead of rational and Raina abused that to hurt him. She put her finger in his wounds. He found allies who wanted him to get lost.

Alessio walked through the door and closed the door as loud as he could. He had nothing with him. No bag, no gun, no allies. No friends. He wanted to return, but he knew he could not see Raina again.

((Alessio continued in This Nearly Was Mine))
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