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Impassioned speeches from both sides. Penelope was clearly the one closest aligned with Kizi's dream, but her comments about having the tools to get rid of people who didn't agree sent shivers down Lili's spine. Meanwhile, Raina was threatening Al with everything that she had, and Johnny was just adding fuel to the flames.

Nobody has it right here. Not a single one of these idiots has any clue what they're fucking with, do they?

Annoyed, Lili felt her contempt for everyone involved grow until it was boiling up and out of her throat in the shape of words.

"If you guys are gonna force Al out of here, then, I'm sorry, but I'm going with him," she said, exasperated, "The last words out of Kizi's mouth, what she spent her dying breaths on...they weren't for this. No threatening to kill people that don't agree with this whole shebang, and no kicking people out, no matter what they've done. How could you people been on board with this, and then turn against it all like a light switch? Flicked on, then flicked off, is that how it is, y'know? This was just a fad to begin with, for you guys, wasn't it?"

She picked herself up off the table and walked over to her bags in the corner of the room. If she decided to take Kizi's with her, then that would make three bags total, uncomfortable all around. Kizi wouldn't want these people perverting her supplies for their needs, would she? No, it was best that Lili took them. She picked the bags up and put them on top of the table, all lined up and ready to go.
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