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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Everything happened so fast, Alba felt like the room was moving in fast forward while she was stuck on pause. The girl, who she realized was Jaime Schanbacher, was in a really bad mood, one that didn't seem to be affected by a gun pointed at her face. At the same time, Brendan wasn't really handling it that well, arguing back. One Jaime pushed the gun aside and it fired, Alba knew things weren't going to go well here.

"Hey, um-" Alba began as the two continued to bicker.

All logic and caution had been thrown to the wind. It was as if the conversation Alba just had with Brendan didn't happen. Brendan shot at the cantankerous girl, who then had the nerve to fight back despite a bullet in her back. Alba didn't know what to do. She wanted to protect Brendan, but they were in cramped quarters. Brendan and Jaime did their fighting through a half-open door with a table in the way. If Alba fired the rifle from where she was, she could hit Brendan.

As the tiny girl hit Brendan, Alba realized it was all going wrong. Brendan fired again, and this time, Jaime went down. After a few seconds, Jaime was dead. Alba remained frozen in shock. She looked up at Brendan, who had a terrifying smile on his face. Alba felt her stomach sink. Brendan wasn't the same person he was a few days ago. He couldn't even make an effort for her. If this was how he was going to act when some dumb, angry girl came up and cursed them out, what was going to happen if they found someone less dangerous like Bryony or Candice?

Alba quietly moved behind Brendan and raised the rifle. She put the barrel of the gun to the back of Brendan's head, then clicked off the safety. She swallowed a lump in her throat, and remained silent as she kept the gun steady to her friend's head.
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