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That was getting trickier. Johnny - just acting on a hunch and on gut alone - would have stood by Raina. He was, granted, already standing by her in a physical sense. But he meant the matters of principles. Yes, quite hard to believe for some people. Some people back home, who'd be seein' nothing but a shaggy old rat bred from trailer trash. Some people still watching, judging him for the monstrous act of not taking action.

No, but Johnny had to take the moral high ground here. And it was Raina who was standing far in the sky right now.

"Al and I already had a bit of a run-in. And by that, I'm meaning he sat a trap for me." He raised his hand, the one to make the point. "It's why my hand's been a bitch the last days. Al had been holing up in the gym, put up a weight above the door frame and when I entered... well, you know."

He shook his head. Purposefully, he avoided looking at Al, or even the general direction of the boy. Instead he scurried even closer to Raina.

"Gonna be honest. Not trusting the guy who sets goddamn traps. That's ... an advanced form of fucked-up-in-the-head."
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