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Olivia continued walking as soon the announcements began, and staggered as Hannah's name came up. And the first thought that came to her was that out of all the people she'd been with on the cove on that first day, she was the last one standing. And they'd mentioned that half the kids she'd been with on the trip were dead a day or so again. She'd thought, hoped really, that after a week of this, the announcements would hurt less. She was wrong.

For a second or too, she stopped to catch her breath, a bit behind Enzo, when she noticed him stopping as well. And then Coleen screaming.

And then Georgia Lee.

Olivia fell rather than walked towards her body, lifting her up under the shoulder, shaking her. And she was so, so cold, and she was just sleeping, sleeping with her eyes open, laying flat on the ground, and she was so, so still.

"No no nonononono-"

and the fire was amplifying, intensifying and the crushing was around her neck, her chest, her entirety, and

"-no Georgia Lee don't do this please please I'm sorry-"

and is this what a second of sleep cost these days? what some rest cost? after all their trying and their praying and their striving, is this what some rest cost? and she continued to slap her, shake her, press on her chest

"I'm so sorry I won't- won't do this again, please, Georgia Lee, no don't- Georgia Lee, no no NO NO NO-"

wake up wake up wake up
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