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(Minor gming approved)

Matt dropped the pipe, and started yelling something at him, but the blood was pumping through Ben's ears, and he didn't hear what. He didn't care what, either. All he cared about was hurting Matt, for killing Wade. He might have rationalized it later as doing it to stop Matt from killing anybody else, but he wasn't thinking of that. All he felt was that Matt deserved all that was coming to him.

He'd never really been in a fight before, so he did what he imagined what might give him the greatest advantage: Still screaming, he circled around Matt as he bent over to pick up the pipe, and jumped on his back, grabbing his throat with his left arm. Matt wasn't much taller than him, so this strategy worked better than might otherwise be expected.

Now hit him in the face!

Ben tried, all the while clinging to Matt's back.
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