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((Serena Waters continued from You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!))

Another night had gone by without incident after Fury's death back at the gym. After that Serena decided laying low was the smartest thing they could do. Well. As much as they could with a blood covered jeep with bulks in it courtesy of the afromentioned Fury, as well as come to terms with what she did, and what they would have to do forward.

While they were supposed to take shifts to guard as the before so they'd actually get some sleep as they have done in the past, but sleeping had become next to impossible for her after the previous days events. They laid heavily on her mind. Whenever she closed her eyes and dozed she'd be taken back there, to the gym and see the cracked and ruined body of Fury before waking up in the jeep, over and over again. She put her head onto the window of the door to the jeep, the cold felt nice for a change and would at least keep her awake for the time being.

And then the announcements came on with it's signature screech, no longer having it's prior effect on her. Days of listening to people she was familiar with slowly kill each other off removing the factor of empathy. Which as it turns out was ill-informed as she sat up in her chair and listened and was shook to her core when the words hit her.

Jeremy was dead. He had killed then been killed. Serena put her head on top of the wheel doing her best to not scream or cry at the news because the one person she wanted to see was dead at the hands of fucking Caedyn Miller. It figures that bitch would still be alive while people like Amanda, Hannah and Jeremy were killed. If there was a mercifull god in this universe, he certainly wouldn't have let that happen.

The shock continued as the voice spoke out about her murder, apparantly it was to the terrorists sick fancy that she ran someone over enough for them to award her then left it in the water treatment. Where the hell was that? She looked over to Aiden and Mel and forced out the words to them as she felt the anger in her rise. Years, she had waited years to tell him and in one day Caedyn ruins it, just as she tried to do years ago. Fuck her. "Wh-what do you think? Worth it or not?." If she wanted to get it, she would have to go there.


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