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There Ben was - just staring at him. It made Matt feel uncomfortable but not guilty. He wasn't expecting to run into what seemed to be one of Wade's friends. Being faced with the direct consequences didn't make him feel guilty. He just felt like consequences on the island outside of being murdered in retaliation put a bit of a damper on everything. Not this guilt tripping stuff. Matt coughed, uncomfortable, and stared back in return. It took him a moment to think of something to say and what he said was cut off.

"So, uh, is something wrong, or - "

Ben ran at him, screaming like someone who was about to murder Matt, boot in hand and fuck you in his eyes. Matt had precious few seconds to react and he used these valuable seconds bringing his pipe back, trying to raise it above his head as fast as he could. At least that was how he would've liked to use them. How he really used them was by sputtering out a garden variety of swear words hand picked for just such an occasion and by also dropping his pipe. The "oh shit" he blurted out in reaction to dropping his only weapon was the loudest of the bunch and the one that could've been most easily picked out by Ben. Matt was afraid.

He quickly bent over to pick up his pipe, still swearing, yelling at Ben that this was all just a misunderstanding that if he'd only listen for a moment he could fully explain away whatever it was that he thought Matt had done. Just give me a chance you dumb motherfucker, he thought. I'll lie my ass off to you.
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