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Matt's reply was a damned lie: "Just a little whack on the head and they ran away. That's all. What's wrong with you?" Ben stood up, incensed and ignoring the fact that Matt had raised his pipe. What was wrong with him? He wasn't the one who had hit someone in the head hard enough to make them bleed, hard enough that the pipe used for it got painted with blood. A blow to the head like that would kill. Matt was a killer. A killer who Ben should run away from before he killed him too and--

Wait. Matt was a killer. Matt had caved someone's head in. Matt hadn't been on the announcements yet. Right? Ben's face blanched at the realization. Matt had caved in somebody's head today.

Matt had killed Wade.

Ben looked at Matt in shock for a whole minute.

Then he snarled, and launched himself at him, boot in hand and screaming bloody murder.

Go for his eyes!

For once, Ben gladly obliged.
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