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Penelope held in a scream as they read out Ben's name on the announcements.

Ben was dead. Jeremy killed him. Now Jeremy was dead too. Just like her other friends before them, they were gone, never to come back. How many more of her friends would die at each other's hands, before they could stop all of this from happening?

And now Raina was forcing Al to leave, and he was about to comply. Al had killed multiple people, and she wasn't sure if she could trust him, but did he deserve to be pushed away from the friends he'd known before all of this? He wasn't even fighting, he was leaving without even trying to touch the weapons they had. He was blatantly upset, like he had wanted to stay. As much as she wanted to take the chance to mourn those that had been lost, she couldn't just stand aside and wallow in her emotions as things fell apart around her yet again.

Who would she be if she didn't give everyone a second chance?

"No!" She shouted, clearing out the tears that were starting to build in her eyes. "Al is not leaving."

Ben didn't join up with her so she could just sit around and do nothing because it was easier that way. He joined her because he had a goal that he believed in, a goal that she had been shirking because of her emotions. Just like Penelope, Ben had wanted true peace for the island and a chance at redemption for them all, before the end of their lives. And if they could convince Al to put down his arms, then perhaps the killers all weren't truly a lost cause. Maybe all they needed was someone to talk some sense into them, and they would realize what Astrid failed to; that even if they killed enough to leave this place, they would still be dead, just on the inside, rather than the outside.

Maybe the goal that they believed in wasn't so lofty after all.

She clenched her hand into a fist, a sense of hope and triumph finally returning to her voice. "I'm sick of watching people die. I can't just sit around anymore and do nothing when if I just did something, I could stop all of this."

"Ben died because I didn't stop him when he wanted to leave out on his own. I knew that if he left the group he would be so much more vulnerable, not only to others, but to himself. But I didn't say anything because I was too caught up in being sad and angry about all of the gloom and doom around here. No more."

She took a moment to breathe, to calm herself a little. "Al is staying because just from seeing him for only a few moments here, I can tell that he legitimately wants to be better. He wanted an alternative to just killing more people to leave, and our group here gave it to him. To shun him now, when he's trying to turn over a new leaf, would go against everything that our group stands for."

"If we can change Al, then there's a chance we can change anyone. Even if there were apparently some serial killers among us all along, like that Isabel girl, most of us seem to want some way out. Some alternative." She paused, her tone turning somber. "We're just kids. Stupid kids in way over our heads. And if given another set of rules than the ones given to us by the fucking maniacs that put us here... maybe they can change."

"I... I know that we can't convince everyone. God knows I tried so hard to convince Astrid to not hurt anyone and she just wouldn't listen. But if there's no way we can convince some to change their mind..." She paused, the words she wanted to speak making her sick to her stomach. "...Now we have an easy way of disposing of them."

She took a deep breath, almost unable to believe the words that had just come out of her mouth. But that was the reality of things; if they couldn't convince someone not to be violent, then they had no choice but to defend themselves and the other peaceful island denizens that were still out there, waiting to be found.

"We are doing this. We are going to make this happen. We've lost so much already, and we aren't just going to insult the legacy of those that have been left behind by not giving Al another chance."
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