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Ben's only reply to Matt's question was a short, terse "I'm fine." that said more than that. Ben was pissed off. Matt could clearly see that on his face, and after that he didn't need to see anything. Ben was yelling at him, looking like he was going to do something crazy. That boot wasn't for walking, Matt figured, and he slowly raised his pipe. He wasn't going to use it, not if he didn't have to, but it helped to show that he was better armed than Ben. Try and persuade him to not do anything stupid that way. He asked him about the fictional other person that Matt hadn't spent any thought towards conjuring up aside from the fact that they supposedly existed and lost a fight with him. His reply was unconvincing at best and damning at worst.

"Uh, well - the other person. They're fine, actually. Just a little whack on the head and they ran away. That's all. What's wrong with you?"

Matt didn't feel ashamed. He just regretted killing Wade, now that there were immediate consequences. But mostly he just regretted talking to Ben. He didn't feel like he had to justify anything to him. Shitfuck Island didn't have any rules other than survive and it looked like Ben missed the boat on that.
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