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Matt chuckled, and Ben felt his anger flair. How could he treat this so lightly? Then Matt admitted to having been in a fight, though he claimed that had been yesterday. Could he be telling the truth? Maybe, Ben thought. It hadn't exactly been normal for him to get into fights, but then again, he had been avoiding people for most of his time on the island. With how many deaths were happening each day, he supposed that fighting might not be that unusual for others by now.

And while he mused on that, he answered Matt's question: "I'm fine." He wasn't, but he didn't want to talk about that right now.

How many fights left the weapon covered in blood? Bad ones, he thought. Ones that were unlikely to leave the other person alive. As much as a failure that he was, Ben knew he had never done that which he had been afraid of in the beginning: Let the island get to him, lose control, and hurt someone for no reason. Not even when he had imagined all his classmates would try and kill him. When he had forgotten the good ones.

But Matt clearly had. And he treated it like no big deal. Ben had failed, but Matt, Matt was a failure.

"The other--"

STOP! Don't provoke him! We can still--

"No! I won't stop!" Ben retorted hotly. He would tell Matt exactly what he thought of him. The days of the little boy crying on a beach were over. Gone was his live and let live attitude! Some things were wrong, and he felt no shame in believing that. He looked Matt straight in the eyes, clearly showing his anger and contempt.

"The other person? How are they? How much did you hurt them? What was their name?"

He would make Matt feel ashamed for what he had done.
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