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He was still coming, she hadn’t stopped him. She hadn’t thought it would stop him, but it should have stopped him. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. It was happening too fast, too suddenly, and it wasn't supposed to be happening.

She tried to push herself back again, still trying to get away, but he was already on top of her. She winced under his foot on her chest, trying to twist him away, to free herself, but he was too heavy. The sun was hanging behind his face, blinding her when she tried to stare up at him. She tried to bring her bad arm up to shield herself, only to fail at that too.

Through gritted teeth, she started to whimper in the brief moment she had left. She wanted to beg, to plead. Anything to get away.

But she wasn’t going to go out like that.


It was the last thing she screamed, as the hammer crashed down on her skull and caved it in.


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