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Mr. Danya
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He was too close, she wasn’t far enough. She ground her teeth against each other as she realised that she was royally fucked.

Running wasn’t an option, and there was no way she could get her leg out of her bag in time, not with her arm like this and him right there. She flipped onto her back, pushing herself with her good arm and trying her hardest not to yell out from the pain in the bad one. The best she could stop at was a harsh grunt, as the blood spread out from her shoulder.

She looked up at Maxim, staring him in the face. She didn’t dare look scared, channelled all her adrenaline into righteous anger. Her blazing stare could’ve pierced a bulkhead, even as the sweat ran down her face.

“Fuckin' bastard!” she yelled, maintaining her eye contact as she grasped with her functioning hand for anything that could help. She saw the hammer he was holding in his hand, knew what it was for. Kept focusing on looking furious, rather than terrified.

She couldn’t grasp anything. She couldn’t find her balance to get up and run. She couldn’t do anything that would give her the upper hand.

So she did the only thing she could think of, and spat right in his face.
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