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Vanessa turned back when she saw that there was no-one there, a sense of dread filing her as she realised she’d fallen for a ruse, but it was far too late.

The arrow caught her in her shoulder, boring deep into the flesh and sending her crashing to the floor. There was that sickly moment where she was just staring at Maxim, bow still in his hands, wandering what the hell had just happened. It didn't last long enough.

She didn’t scream, she just stared at him, mouth agape, eyes pulled back in panic. A horrible burning feeling was searing through her shoulder, but that had been shoved aside by the presence in front of her. As that sickly moment passed, thoughts raced in.

Run. Get out of there. Get away from him.

She tried to do just that, scrambling around on her one good arm and stumbling up to her feet. Barely a second later she was falling back down again, as her foot caught in the mangled debris spread about the remains of the room. She went down hard, getting tangled between her limbs, the arrow sticking out, and the heavy daypack weighing down on her. She tried to recover, get back up and keep running, but she wasn't moving fast enough.

She could hear his footsteps approaching.
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