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(I saaid you could move me out but OKQUICKEXITPOST)

And so what, somehow that'd all worked out?

He wondered if it was really that simple. Y'know. Just show up, run over a killer, talk it out, be on your way. Hell. Maybe it was. Maybe they could pull themselves all the way to the end here. Fuck off terrorists, we'll do it.

Aiden scooched back over to the passenger seat to make room for Serena. She prayed and honestly, Aiden was regrettin' that part of it at least. It was just his dumb ass trying to make a remark so he'd have something to say. But... hey, maybe. Again with the maybes. Maybe it had helped or something.

"You need me to do some driving, let me know, k?"

(Aiden Slattery continued elsewhere)
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