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Lili almost started to speak again, but Raina's harsh words cut her off. Cut through her, too, like a hot knife through butter, snapping her back to reality. It was stupid, to think that Kizi's dream held any more water after what had happened. Just a fad, the whole pacifism thing, that she had happened to fall prey to. For all the difference and not fitting in she could muster, she managed to waste another two days in Spiderland futzing around with other people's ideas.

The cross necklace was cold against her chest.

A reminder.

Kizi's dying wishes still rang in her ears, as idealistic and impractical as they were. Lili had wanted Al gone from the moment he walked in and revealed himself to be Kizi's shooter. Why, now, was she suddenly feeling so vehemently opposed to letting him go? He was so easily swayed, like someone else who didn't know what he should be doing here. She related to him, in a way.

So, instead of rising up to defend him or turning on him, she looked down at her hands, and began to twiddle her thumbs.

She made no sounds.
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