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Matt looked at Wade and saw someone who was about to make a big mistake. He wasn't stupid. Ben thought - knew - that he had killed Wade. He was already asking questions about the pipe which made Matt's heart stop for a moment. Son of a bitch. He knew. He had to explain this, somehow. He didn't want to get into another fight. Not here, anyways. Fuck him that hill was steep. Falling down that would get you real dead real quick.

Ben started to grab at the boot beside him. Matt idly wondered if it was a steel toed boot. If it was then he might be in some trouble.. if not, well, this was going to be an unfair fight. A fight he didn't want to get into, admittedly, not because of the unfairness of it but because he didn't want to risk it.

Matt looked down at his pipe. It was bloody - the single reminder he had of his victim was rapidly drying onto it - and then he looked up to Ben.

Matt chuckled, a little bit. Ben. Kind of like Ben Fields, only this Ben was still alive and not half as friendly to him. It struck him after a second of thinking that maybe laughing wasn't the right thing to do in this kind of situation. Trying his best to salvage the situation, Mat's defense started off slowly and not at all convincingly.

"Uh, well, I got into a fight the other day. You know how it is." Matt looked down at the pipe again. The blood looked way too recent to have been from the other day. He never claimed he was a good liar. "Yeah. So.. uh, how are you?"
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