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A jolt went through Ben at the greeting. Being snuck up on could still get a reaction out of him, it seemed. He wasn't resigned to dying just yet. He turned around to get a look at whoever had greeted him and dully replied "Hey."

He sort of recognised the greeter, remembering his name was Matt, though he couldn't remember from where. He wasn't much different from most of the people Ben had seen around. Dirty clothes, dirty hands, dirty weapon. In this case, a lead pipe, smeared with blood, like the pickaxe used by the girl with the eye-patch. Only difference being that instead of impaling someone, you'd have to beat... Ben blinked. You'd have to beat them to death.

The vivid image of Wade's caved in head appeared in his head, and he blinked back tears.

" You... you.. that blood...," Ben stuttered. No, wait! This couldn't be Wade's killer. How unlikely would that be?

But that didn't change the blood. The pipe had been used, and had struck someone hard enough to make them bleed. Whoever had done that, Matt, or a previous owner, Ben felt angry. Angry at the fact that someone would be cruel enough, stupid enough, evil enough to do something like that. And though it was irrational, all that anger got directed at Matt. Because he held the bloody pipe.

"Whose blood is that?" he asked, while unconciously grabbing the boot set beside him.
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