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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Coleen hadn't been searching intently. Her eyes stayed up, looking for the living, for the upright and able. Georgia Lee had been able to move. Nobody else had entered the little lounge where the three of them, herself, Olivia and Enzo had been sleeping. If she was good enough to move, then she was okay. She was okay and everything was going to be alright as soon as they confirmed Georgia Lee had just run off to one of the adjacent rooms. She did it to scrounge up supplies or maybe have some alone time after a stressful day. She just had to do some thinking.

Her mind continued to make up excuses to rationalize not wanting to look at bloodied, dismembered and rotting bodies, or rummaging through all the trash and upended furniture and cabinets and dividers to find bloodied, dismembered and rotting bodies. She was perpetually tired, finding it unfathomable to suffer through the loss of another close friend.

And yet, logic told her that either she would have to die or suffer through tens more of her classmates dying all around her, most of which she had some passing attachment to. Some of whom she liked. Some she dearly cared about, like Georgia Lee.

Georgia Lee...

Coleen looked to Olivia, silently pleading to ask if she'd found anything that would confirm something other than her worst fears. When she saw nothing back, he looked to Enzo...

Enzo's face, Enzo's brace against the wall.

"Don't tell me..."


"Don't tell me, don't tell me!"

...today Georgia Lee Day was shot in the leg by Blair Moore and slowly, eventually bled out. Tragic, but maybe if any of you performed first aid, avoidable..."

She saw, without seeing, exactly what it was Enzo was looking at.
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