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Vanessa’s face lit up.

Finally, someone knew Alessio! Someone fumbling with a weapon who was creepy as hell, but still!

His own question did make it just a bit awkward, though. Her face fell again, but not completely. It was a strange expression, caught between excitement and uncertainty.

“I just want to talk to him.” She finally responded. It wasn’t a lie, and for all she knew it might’ve been the whole truth. It wasn’t what she wanted, what she wanted was to let Cams rest in peace, but doubts about her intent had been gnawing away at her since talking to Kimiko. What a bitch.

She folded her arms in a defensive manner, trying to steel herself and her resolve. “He did kill my best friend, so, you know.”

Saying it hadn’t helped as much as she’d hoped.

“Can you just, like, give me some directions, if you know where he is? Or just, something to help me pick him out? Distinctive features, that kind of shit.”
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