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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Well. Didn't he feel like an asshole now? He had no idea Clarice even had a sister.

Jasmine and Scout. Maybe even Brendan. Ty wasn't real sure he could trust himself to find him just yet, but he should probably lay that one out there too. Eventually. Maybe. For now he scratched the back of his head and let his gaze drift down. "I'm not lookin' for anyone for good reasons. Everybody's..." The words caught in his throat. "I buried Bee, Clarice. There's nothin' else for me to look for now."

He managed to look up at her for that. With all the guilt that'd been weighing on him after Harry it felt kinda like looking up into the sun at the bottom of a long hike. Swallowed, probably sweated a bit. "I'll throw in on helping you find Scout, though. Least I can do." Ty threw a glance back at Keith. "You in?"
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