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(Benjamin Lichter continues from Sic Semper Sanguinus)

"All around me are familiar faces."

After failing at his plan Ben didn't know what to do, or where to go, so he ended up going nowhere, and doing nothing but wander around aimlessly. At one point he had started walking back up the slopes that lead from the place with the vehicle depot, dormitories and the library, before stopping and realizing that he didn't really want to go back there. But he didn't want to turn around again, either. So he had walked in a circle, just for something to do.

"Worn out places, worn out faces."

Now, however, he sat on a rock and thought - or something that came close to it. The jumbles that went in and out of his consciousness weren't coherent enough to really call it thinking. Mostly there was a theme of failure, but only in the abstract sense; he didn't focus on running from Maxim, losing Wade or not being able to burn down a building full of wood, not even on the fact he had failed to come up with a plan to survive or keep his good classmates alive. All that had created the sense of failure, but none of it embodied it like his feelings did at that moment.

"Bright and early for the daily races."

Whenever he thought of something to do, he remembered that there was no point, that he would only make the whole situation worse. Even, ironically, doing nothing, but that was simply easier.

"Going nowhere, g--."

So that's what he did.
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