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He had not dared to say anything. Anything of substance, really, which he could say. Penelope asked for what happened, during her little fainting spell, but Johnny didn't need to utter a single word 'cause the announcements came blaring on. Didn't make a lot of shit clear, to be fair. Kizi's name wasn't dropped, for whatever reason, but Johnny knew the truth of it anyway. He wouldn't need to say anything to Penelope at all.

As for Al. Well, Johnny could exactly add to that. Raina - in three words - said all that had to be said. He stepped closer to her. His eyes fell on her hands, and seeing them twitch ever so slightly with that barely-restraint anger crept Johnny out. He thought about a gesture, something to support Raina, something to show solidarity, but he couldn't think of any.

His hand reached out for her's, but he retracted in the fraction of a second.

"I'm not the brightest cookie around here... but seriously, man. Come on, do you really believe Al to turn out all goodie-shoes now?"
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