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((cast in the name of god))

This was like the world's worst bachelor game. Behold this row of offices, behold the doors; beyond each of this doors could be the opportunity of a lifetime! Choose from such fabulous prizes as corpses, afraid classmates, and murderous killers!

A couple offices down, and they were yet to see any sign of Georgia Lee. Someone was dead in the second room that they checked, and Enzo hadn't even had the stomach to check who. They were covered up, but it clearly wasn't Rainy. Wrong size, wrong clothes, and the blood splatter was completely dry. It felt sort of disrespectful not to bother identifying them, but they were dead, and for days, if Enzo was judging correctly. Didn't even matter who it was, in all honesty. Dead was dead, and it would have been on the announcements. Wasn't as if seeing Irene's body had made them feel any better about what had happened.

Enzo hated how numb to it they were starting to get. They had to assure themselves that they were fixed on who was alive; Georgia. She was around here somewhere, right? Had to be. They could mourn for the dead after Rainy was out of immediate danger. It still hurt, seeing someone lying there dead. Hurt almost as much to have to prioritise. Nobody should have to concentrate on the lesser of two murders.

Weaving between Coleen and Olivia, Enzo grimaced to see a scene of carnage further up the corridor. Another body was sprawled out on the floor; uncovered this time, and Vinny looked just long enough to realise it was Noah.

Aw hell. That had happened here?

Yep, gore and (ugh) body parts everywhere. Another dead body that Enzo really didn't want to think about. They edged onward, doing all that they could not to step in too much blood. Or on anything.

And as they did, the PA system came to life.

Something icy and unsettling trickled down into Enzo's stomach as Danya started the funeral march.

The names drifted past as Enzo picked their way through. Each time was like another little strip being torn away. The worst part was that Enzo really, really didn't want to listen, and then yet you kind of had to. You had to know, or else where did that leave you?

Truth was uncomfortable but it needed to be known.

Alessio had killed yet again. Amanda was dead. Amongst all the rest of it.

Enzo turned the corner from the dead, into another area of corridor-

'in another slower kill today...'

There on the floor...

Enzo exhaled. It felt difficult to let the breath out. Their legs were heavy. They clenched the corner of the wall.

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