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It was taking longer than expected. He had been waiting for at least a quarter of an hour, and the terrorists still hadn't declared the storehouse a dangerzone. Why not? The roof was on fire, wasn't it, with all that smoke pouring out. How long had it taken them to declare the library a dangerzone? Were they onto him? Had they guessed his plan? If so, why not just blow up his collar? Yes, why not...? He gulped, then grabbed the thing with his left hand. He knew he couldn't see it or stop it, but that didn't stop his eyes from trying to look at it. But the boom he expected never came. After a while, he looked back at the building.

He noticed the smoke that was getting less by the minute. Oh hell, nononono... Ben ran to the door and glanced inside. The building was filled with smoke, a lot of it wafting out the door, but that was also gradually getting less. He waited until he wasn't sure to suffocate, then slipped back inside.

It was even worse than expected. Not only hadn't the building caught fire, not even most of the crates had burned. Pretty much just the three in the middle he had watched go up, and one more was singed, but that was it. The others had just been too far away. Ben had hoped that that wouldn't matter when the fire got hot enough, but it had.

He had failed. Utterly.


(Benjamin Lichter continues in Chokepoint)
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