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Yeah, it was probably best if he got out of there as soon as possible. Bart had almost died, watched someone die, and been abandoned by another person. All of that in the span of around three minutes. Looks like he had walked right into yet another unenviable scenario. Somehow, it seemed that this island just had a knack for making things go as wrong as possible.

It was a small comfort that they let him keep some of Jerry's supplies. It felt wrong, no doubt about that, but he didn't have the time to waste dwelling on what his morality code had to say about graverobbing. Jerry didn't need his food or water anymore, and Bart did, so that answered the question then and there. Of course, not all of his supplies were in good condition, or even visible thanks to how they had been scattered around after the crash, but Bart managed to scrounge up a decent bit of rations, at least a day's worth in any case.

"Uh... bye." He waved to the group as he left the way he came, or at least his best guess as to which way that was. Once the coast was clear, he would get his map out and try to find a way to the others. He wasn't sure whether he would go back to the library, or maybe somewhere else they had touched upon, but he needed to find them.

And if that didn't work, then he would have to get used to being alone again.

((Bart Cappotelli continued in All Artists Talk to Their Creations))
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