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Penelope's eyes opened, her hand instinctively clutching her head in response to her head suddenly aching.

She stood up, lifting herself out of Raina's arms, swaying gently from side to side as she rubbed her eyes and re-familiarized herself with her surroundings. Black spots cleared from her vision as she looked between Raina, Johnny, and Al, only to briefly return as she noticed the blood spatters on Lili's clothes.

"I uh... sorry for fainting there," she murmured, as she turned her head away from Lili.

It had been a long time since she had last fainted from the sight of blood. The fainting spells would never lasted more than a handful of seconds, but the aftershocks often left her feeling bad for the rest of the day.

Her eyes strayed back towards the blood spatters covering Lili's clothes, only for them to dart away again.

"Okay..." She began, her head turned away from the person she was interrogating. "Where are Ben and Kizi?" She wondered if her questions had been answered before she had woke up. "And why is Al here and..?"

She glanced back over at Al, unsure of what to make of his presence. He had been her friend, but she wasn't sure if the Al she knew and loved was still there. He at least seemed to be friendly enough, given that Lili was with him and not yet another corpse, but she couldn't help but feeling distrustful. She hadn't been able to convince Astrid, and Astrid hadn't even killed anyone at that point. How could they have managed to calm down a known killer?

"Just uh... fill me in on what happened and what you know. And if you already explained while I was out... sorry about asking again."
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