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keep running yoshi
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"Guess I hear you there, yeah. At least in my case it's one of those things where the responsibility to handle kids is lacking."


"I guess it's like, uh... We're both really young anyways. Ben and Arthur are both older, they see things different from us." And that was normally the exact syllable on which Lana inserted a pivot to a 'fuck older brothers' sort of diss.


The moment passed.

"They think what they think I guess. And we think what we think too."

Lana buried her eyes in between the finger spaces of one hand, because Mr. Gasset was roaming around shifting the blinds, stabbing Lana's eyes with stray sunrays bouncing off tabletops at strange angles.

"Dunno what I'd do either. But I'm betting neither of us want that same old same old."
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