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((Vanessa Stone continued from Keep Cam and Carry On))

Another day, another lot of nothing.

Yeah, more people were dead, but that was really starting to lose all impact. Kind of a suck way fo looking at it, but it was the truth. Kaitlyn had bit the dust too, and it had been a surprise, but she had to keep moving forward. Alessio was still kicking, after all, and that’s what mattered. It’d be pretty stupid if she’d spent all this time looking for a corpse, after all.

Vanessa’s travels had led her to the cindered ruins of the library, its smoky ashes standing out even against the rest of the island. Whoever had done this must’ve really hated books.

She let out a half-hearted snort. Her wisecracks were starting to feel pretty wasted with no-one to hear them.

As she rounded a corner, weaving through the remains of the bookshelves out of sheer boredom, she chanced across Maxim. She froze for a moment, taking her measure of him. He wasn’t someone she recognised, which meant she didn’t know what he’d been up to. Meeting Kimiko had been a lesson on what that could mean.

“Heeeeey.” she trawled out, keeping a distance as her eyes glanced at the bow and arrow sitting in Maxim’s hands. Whatever, she wasn’t here to pick a fight.
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