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Due to both VysePresident and EP deciding to pull out, I am doing an emergency casting call. A similar note is on the sign-up page. As such, here is how it will go:

  • Both participants will remain in the game until the end of the day phase.
  • The people who will sub in all be prioritized as follows:

    • New players (defined as people who did not apply in the first sign-up)
    • Eliminated Town players
  • In the event that only Mafia players are eliminated and there are no new applicants, the two participants in question will be eliminated.
  • There will be two deadlines for replacement: I will sub in anyone who is interested or eliminated at the end of the day phase, and I will similarly do so at the end of the first night phase.

End of the day phase (and Phase 1 for applicants) will be:

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