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Okay, cool. They could still share a laugh. Lana wasn't even consciously sure why they hadn't been able to yet. Lana smirk-laughed a bit, a bubbly noise that was reportedly far too adorable in tone for a cool-cat like Lana to pack in her larynx. Went right through lips sealed in a kiss mashed up against a finger of her own folded palms.

"Yep. We're growing up, I guess... Shit, too soon."


"Yeah, good idea. I guess I should be doing Ben's room too, that'd only be... uh. Fair."

And. Silence followed. Lana didn't mean for it to but her vocal cords gave out a bit, her brain put out a vague kinda static on all airwaves. Only lasted a second but it had somehow been a memorably heavy lapse in the awkward robot-dancing that was their convo.

"Second grade. ... Have you ever thought about teaching? Like, as a job, or just in general."


"I mean, like, I like kids. But I bet it'd be a hard job, just in the... a lot of things out of your control sort of sense."
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