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Olivia cupped her hands around her mouth.

"Georgia Lee!"

No one answered.

((Olivia Fischer continues from Cast in the Name of God))

Back when she was studying for her trigonometry exam last year, an eternity ago, she was in a panic. She'd been pulling at the pages of her textbook, almost ripping it off, trying to cram sines and cosines and double-angles in her head, trying to avoid what she saw as certain doom, failing the exam. There had been that feeling that the ceiling was weighing down on her, about to crush her, and yet it never happened. It just kept on weighing, pushing harder and harder and yet somehow leaving her alive.

And then when she took the exam, there was a numbness. The crushing feeling was still there, and part of her had the urge to just throw the pencil and paper out the window, yet that numbness helped her keep pushing on, helped her finish the exam.

She hated herself for comparing this literal life-and-death situation to some exam from last year, but that was exactly it, that was exactly the feeling. Fire, panic, guilt coursing through her veins, contained by this mask, this blank mask. And she needed this mask, she could not afford to have this mask crack. Georgia Lee's life depended on it.

She drew a shaky breath. Looked at Coleen.

"If she's not here, try the cafeteria. Maybe she went to get something there."

She continued walking among the office, her footsteps echoing. Blood rushing through her ears.
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