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((Coleen Reagan, continued from Cast in the Name of God))

The adjacent offices happened to be the first place they looked.

As Coleen approached the threshold, she looked straight ahead to the spot where she'd first discovered Bernadette. She wasn't able to pick her face out of a crowd and attach it to a name until she saw the ring dangling from her neck. A twinge of memory struck her brow; how was Ty doing now, and was he ever able to use the information granted to him to find Bern's body, granting him at least a little bit of closure? It would have meant she did at least one bit of good on this island, something that lasted.

If Georgia Lee survived, it would be two. But neither effect nor moment could last forever. Sooner or later, they all had to die. All but one. Coleen dreamed of being selfless enough where she might say that she didn't want it to be her, but doing so would only be kidding herself. Posing the lie to others seemed beyond her acting capabilities in some tongue-in-cheek way. The best course of action would have been and was to keep silent about it.

"Here?" Coleen asked aloud, if mostly to herself rather than to Olivia or Enzo. The place was an absolute wreck, and it was of no small wonder. The ruckus going on just the other day forced her to take refuge underneath the couch, lest a stray bullet somehow punch through the entire wall and catch her. Or, more likely, all it took was for some murderer to triumph, head a few feet down the hall, and feel like continuing the spree just for one more murder. Sometimes caution was the better part of valor. For now, she struggled to put Georgia Lee's well-being before her own and prayed it might not cost her.

The offices seemed quiet, however.

Plenty of eyes, but not a living soul.
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