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Hello friends, since we're past halfway, I thought we could bring this back.

Henry actually finds Jae: So Henry was originally going to have a touching final moment with Jae shortly before dying. It was going to be sad and cute and all sorts of fun things, but unfortunately circumstances meant there wasn't enough time before deadline to finish the scene. So Henry died alone and Jae found his body later. How tragic! (Also this is why Henry's death thread was named as it was)

Henry as a quirky protagonist: Henry was a little messy during his experience in the midgame. My initial plan was for him to find a group to stick to and be the moral support/heart. I was thinking that he'd sort of play on Maria Graham, where he's very silly and out-of-touch, but with a more serious center, which was referenced in his opening denial of the situation. I wasn't sure who I was keeping around at the time, so I thought Henry might make it far this way. Didn't work out because I didn't keep Henry around long enough and was too flighty with him to stick to a group. Ideally, this plan would have led into...

Henry is literally/metaphorically backstabbed: Exactly how it sounds. My hope was that Henry and his last companion would be together, and the friend would kill Henry, leaving him in despair as he is betrayed. Didn't happen because none of his friends ended up in a position to do so.

Alice actually does what her first oneshot said she'd do: So remember how Alice had the first post in the chapel? How she declared she wanted to avoid human contact for as long as possible? That was a fun idea, but for a couple reasons it never worked out and she ended up buddying. I like her current iteration, but I think someday I'd like to do something like that. Maybe.

That's what I've got for now, may update it later on.
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