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Neither of the others looked especially encouraged. Heck, neither was Enzo. What on earth had possessed GLD to just up and leave during the night? Of all the things that Vinny had been worried about, Rainy wandering off by herself was close to the bottom of the list. It didn't make the slightest bit of sense. Safety in numbers had maybe kind of fallen through, but if you were hurt and bleeding, then surely the last thing you wanted to do was just, y'know, split.

Enzo didn't know if their own assurance really rang anything other than hollow, either. It wasn't a good thing that GLD couldn't get far on her own, cause she couldn't get far because of the whacking great hole in her leg. Georgia did not need to be moving around right now. She needed to be still, resting.

Freaking crap.

Coleen took the lead, and Enzo was fine enough with that; they will still trying to clamp down on their instinctive reaction to something like this. Olivia just looked sad, and they didn't want to bite her head off, but, to borrow a phrase, she had one job. This wasn't exactly low stakes, either.

Enzo shook their head repeatedly. Olivia was human. So were they all. Mistakes happened. Enzo hadn't expected GLD to walk off, and so too did Olivia have zero reason to expect it either. For now, this was the spot they were in; what was the point in playing the blame game?

It wasn't relevant at all, but as Enzo left the room on the tail of the others, they reflected that more than ever, they just really wanted their phone. Stupid vines would cheer them up, gallows humour or no.

Worryingly literal at this point, but you could make a joke out of that too.

((Enzo continued elsewhere)).
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