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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Jasmine Reed continued from Love Run Out.)

Jasmine could hear the gunshots from down the hallway. She could also hear Caedyn screaming at the top of her lungs. And while every little inch of her told her not to, she followed her voice down the hallway and towards the storage closet. She only caught the back of the figure known Alessio Rigano as he darted around the corner, away from the room and away from the gunfire. There was sight of another figure too, and Jasmine scrambled back behind the corner she came from. Heart pounding, pupils dilating.

She swallowed. Her grip tightened around the blade in her hand.

"Why are you bringing a knife to a gunfight, idiot?"

... It wasn't a knife per se, but the point was made very clear. Yeah. Jasmine wasn't leaping into the line of fire just yet, like no way.

She had to do something to save Caedyn, right?

Jasmine was in this strange place mentally. Someone was firing their gun again and again and again and Jasmine might hazard to guess that was Caedyn. She was just firing her gun aimlessly. Or was there multiple people in the room with her? Kuso, she didn't consider that!

A single bead of sweat trailed down the side of Jasmine's face.

She's had all this time to make a decision and yet she still hesitates? Christ.
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