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She listened to him as he stuttered out his plans, of which there were none. There were people still running around with no idea or purpose it seemed, like him, at least till he blurted out about his friends. Aiden had the answer to that. She knew what he was getting at. "Might be better for you to retrace your steps then and find them." There was a part of her that wanted to say screw it and tell him to come along, but she couldn't afford it, trust was a valuable commodity and she wasn't about to hand it out willy nilly to anybody she could "save". Maybe not even her friends at this point.

"Take whatever you want from his bag Bart.... good luck." She said before she walked over to where the dead Fury laid in the grass. An up close view of his broken body, ruined to pieces. It was almost amazing in a horrible way, how much damage hitting someone at mach 10 would do. As she got down on her knees beside him, she noted he looked disturbingly similar to Barry. She tried her best to ignore it. There was a complete different context t it, Barry was a victim. Fury was a murderer. And yet, they looked remarkebly similar after death. Didn't matter what you were in life, it all ended the same.

She turned back and set her hands together, and prayed. She prayed for the broken boy in front of her, a good passage to whatever afterlife he believe in, but it would be a lie to say that was the only thing. She prayed for Aiden and Mel for the road she had dragged them along, willingly or not. But she saw it as the lesser of two evils. It was better than hiding about crying their eyes out and bemoaning their fates. They were not going to be victims of a wannabe winner.

She will keep them alive. Even if it meant getting more blood on her hands.

((Serena Waters continued in Open Your Eyes and Look North]]
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