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Panting, Alice sat up with a grimace and looked at Bryony. As she felt at the wound, she felt more reassured. The bullet had grazed her calf and despite the relatively deep wound wasn't embedded in her leg, and though it was bleeding a fair bit, she was pretty sure it hadn't hit something too vital. It hurt like hell, but she'd probably live.

"I'm okay, it's not so bad." Alice forced a smile. That smile quickly diminished when she looked at Bryony though, and realized that there was blood on her that wasn't Alice's.

"Oh my god, Bryony!" Alice moved instinctively, and needed to stop herself from leaping onto Bryony protectively. It wouldn't help, the shooter having already left, and right now she needed bandages. Sandra had her bag open and was holding first-aid supplies, but looked unsure.

"Sandra, grab disinfectant and put it on, then use that gauze. Bring the whole thing, please." She looked at Bryony. She was bleeding from her left hand. Alice suddenly couldn't remember if Bryony was right-handed or not, and because of the blood she couldn't tell how bad the wound was.

"Bree, stay calm, don't freak out. Uhm, hold your hand in the air, like, above your hair, and then we'll get a closer look after we clean it."

It struck Alice how ironic it was that her little wallflower self was taking charge here. Who knew crisis could be good for your self-confidence?
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