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Dot was never really interested in dancing or things like that. Heck, she even skipped the school's dance just to be a creep on Facebook. Kinda, she had other plans but her dad was in the way. She would love to go back in time, if only she had a time machine or superpowers. Maybe she could put more time in things that really mattered like that essay she half-assed or maybe not going on the school trip.

Like a choreographed dance, she raised her arm after Em's raised her. She cocked her head to the side, letting her pigtails sway softly on her shoulders. Her taser was pointed at Em. It wouldn't be the first person she would tase. And probably not the last one, but she didn't want to. Emma wasn't Al or Lucilly. She didn't scared her and reflexly pulled trigger.

No, in this case, Dorothy was the attacker, kinda. Even though Emma raised her sword, it was perhaps part of their choreography or she just had a spasm or something. Dot still her taser and pointed Em's body, her chest.

Dot, feeling like a copycat, mimicked, Emma. She didn't to make it sound like a parody of the girl, but it probably sounded that way due to her poor imitating skills.


Then Dot parroted her again,

"What the hell?"

Dot's giggle started softly, it was coming from her throat. It was inside of her mouth, bouncing on the fleshy walls, trying to find a way out of Dorothy. Then, it started to escape her mouth, echoing in the room. It kept getting louder and louder. Her cheeks hurt from her smiling and her sides was begging to her to stop.

Dorothy forced herself to stop, smothering her breath, sounding also pained she had to stop.

"I forgot you two were related. Eh. I think you should leave."

She tapped her right foot on the ground several, she felt impatient. Emma was getting on her nerve. Acting all so nice and all of that bullshit. She survived until day fucking seven. You don't get there by being nice or by being loving. Dot hated Emma. She hated everything about her. Her family, her friends, her life, she wanted her dead.

Dot didn't know where that anger came from. Perhaps she was just tired or maybe it was the malefic aura of the island that damaged her psyche or just she was irritable because of stress and how dirty she was. She settled on all of the above.

"I think you should leave before you do something dumb and I have to choke you on your own guts."
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