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The cavalry arrived not a minute too soon. Collapsing all over themselves, fainting at the sight of blood, demanding answers to questions that Lili had trouble even processing. Johnny was with them, which was nice. Their family just kept on growing and growing and growing.

God, where did she start?

"Hey, guys," she greeted, pretending not to have heard their questions, "Ben's not with you? He hasn't made his way over here yet, so I'm starting to get a little worried."

Don't tell me that Ben's gone too. I swear, if Ben's dead, I'm going to...I'm gonna...

"We made the posters. Had a lot of fun doing it, too. Then Al came over and decided he was going to empty a round into the room without really looking. He was going to leave, too, but the posters caught his eye. Kizi managed to talk him down. Reform him. He's given up the ways of the gun now, and all it took was..."

She was starting to tear up.

"All it took was one last fuckin' kill."

Lili wiped at her eyes, getting rid of her tears. She hadn't cried before, so why should she start now?

"But hey, if we managed to turn Al to the good side, that means others will follow, right?"

She tried to force a smile, but all that came out was a tight lipped grimace. Then, she pointed over to Kizi's bag.

"Weapons are over there, by the way," she muttered.
~~~~~ Sadly CBP looked at a SOTF character. It was so sad... such a sad character... like him... he only waned a normal life... was that too much to ask? was it?



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