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Nobody answered. Figures. Asuka pushed the door open, stepped inside. It felt weird, like she was entering a crappy motel room for the first time in a while. Nostalgic, but incongruously so; this wasn't an experience most people found wistful, exactly.

Asuka trudged to another door-- it somehow felt a little safer to go in there than to stay here, one door away from a potential murderer. Silly--it wasn't like someone bent on murder was gonna open the door, shrug, and leave--but this was more about peace of mind than anything, after all. Asuka opened the door, looked, stopped.

Cass. Cass, who was actually good at art, who was shy, and sweet, and maybe Asuka has a tendency to idealize people sometimes but seriously Cass was like a platonic ideal of herself: an Asuka who isn't actually right to hate herself.

Asuka moved to the middle of the room. Sat down.

"Uh. Hi. So, not playing and all. Are you playing? Cuz, like, if not, I really wish I'd known you better in high school, and I'd like to get to know you better now. I can give you food, for. Uh. Friendship, or something."
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