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Can you hear me?
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Emma was shaking.

Every part of her was shaking.

It shook, with anger, and fear too. Jae was right in front of her, with the same weapon he used to kill Lily. Dot was there, too, but Emma wasn’t sure if she’d do something if Emma… did something herself. She didn’t want to do that something, but at the same time, she did. Breathing got faster and louder. Even in the fatigue, the anger, the fear, and even the grief, some small part of her was disturbed at one thought: if she stabbed him, or slashed him, it would be enough. She hated it, and yet, she knew it was true. Emma kept staring into him with glared eyes.

But Dot spoke again. She told some story about… oh, yeah, she really did kill Isabel, then. Wait, she’d been looking for Lucilly? Did she see her? Did she… watch her die? But the rest of the story was… detailed. Even in Emma’s current state, she couldn’t help but be a little creeped out by how casually she’d used the phrase “geyser of blood.” Or the part where Isabel’s head got cut off. Well, okay, good riddance, she guessed. Maybe. Still, though-

Then Dot had to ask about Lily. Then Jae had to reveal why he’d shot her.

“What,” she started quietly.

All the information Dot and Jae gave was too much to process in one go. She just couldn’t. It didn’t make her feel better. Instead, it felt like something inside her had been uncorked. Despite everything around her, despite much she felt like running, breaking something, anything, she stayed still. But, the sword slightly raised without her realizing it.

“What the hell?”, Emma snapped.

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