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"Eugh. I hate being up this early."

((Penelope Fitzgerald continued from Hyphaema))

Penelope yawned as the group trudged down the hall, towards the cafeteria of the asylum. They had gotten lost on the way over, the dingy and faded signs not giving them any clues as to how to navigate the labyrinthine halls of the abandoned hospital. They had soon found themselves giving up and taking silent refuge in the rooms of the asylum, waiting the rest of the night out.

Once the morning came, they immediately moved towards the cafeteria again, her worries about the status of their friends growing ever more frantic as they spent time away from them.

Eventually they figured out where they were going, and arrived at the doors of the cafeteria, relieved to be somewhere that they knew was safe. Somewhere where friends were.

Penelope took the initiative and pressed the doors open, announcing herself to the room in a jovial fashion reminiscent of how she would announce her return home after a night out with friends.

"Guuuuuuys! We're back! We're okay, no need to worry about... about us..."

Penelope was taken aback.

"A-Al? Why are you... how are you here..?"

Why was Alessio in the cafeteria? He had been her friend back at Cochise, but the announcements had shown that he had gone far off the deep end, way beyond the point of no return. Why would he be with Ben, and Lili, and Kizi?

Her eyes strayed around the room, looking for her friends. Lili was there, as expected, but there were two notable absences.

"...Is Ben not here? Did... did he never come back?"

"And... where's... where's Kizi?"

Her eyes had glanced over the pools of blood on the floor, only to stray back and lock on.

A song in the key of panic overtook her mind, she was unable to focus on anything else. That thick scarlet fluid that always made her breathing heavy, it was so blatantly fresh, and there was so much more than she had ever seen before in her life.

"Oh... oh no... no..."

Black spots danced across her vision.

"Not...... not........."

Penelope collapsed.
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