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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba looked at Brendan as he explained his reasons for wanting to kill Jae. She could see he was tying a lot of his worries and insecurities to Jae, which Alba wasn't sure was entirely healthy. She knew Jae was dangerous and posed a threat to a lot of people here, but she wasn't sure if hunting him down was the right thing to do. Not only that, but Jon had apparently killed Amanda and nearly killed Brendan as well. If Jon really was going to be that way, she figured it wouldn't be good to find him anymore. She wasn't entirely sure about Dorothy, but she trusted Brendan if he said she wasn't right to be around.

Alba closed her eyes and sighed. It hurt that her closest friend on the island had reached such a point that he wanted to go out and kill people. Still, she needed to understand fully before they moved on.

"So, if that's how you feel," she began, "is that what you plan to do now? Wander the island hoping you find Jae and Jon so you can kill them?"

Alba stared at Brendan.

"And if you kill them, then what?"
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