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Enzo didn't say yes, and everything collapsed.

Olivia's eyes were wet. Wet like they'd been the entire week. No one knew where Georgia Lee was. All she had to do was stay awake for a couple hours, that was literally the only thing asked of her, to stay conscious, and she couldn't even manage that. She couldn't defend Georgia Lee, couldn't defend herself, couldn't do anything of matter. And now Georgia Lee was off wandering somewhere on the island, bleeding, disoriented, alone.

She'd lost Georgia Lee. She'd been left behind.


And at this thought, fire surged through her. Because no, she would not be left behind again, she would not stay stuck in a room for hours upon hours, waiting for her to come back, she would not. She would not let that happen, could not, because the alternate was unthinkable.

Olivia blinked away her tears. Pulled herself up, together. Went towards Coleen.

"Right. Let's hurry. We have to, we have to hurry."

And she went out the door and in her mind, she prayed for salvation. For Georgia Lee's and for her own.

((Olivia Fischer continues in Ye Not))
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