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Keith was relieved when Clarice went back to asking general questions to the group. The idea of resolving whatever personal issues Ty and her had outside of being kidnapped by terrorists wasn't at all appealing. Keith usually tried to mind his own business, and didn't need the issues of near-strangers messing with the much larger issue of how he was almost definitely going to die.

He still hadn't talked to anyone about how scared he was about dying. It felt inappropriate to mention, since everyone probably felt the same way. There wasn't a point in stating the obvious. Heck most people would probably want to distract themselves from the idea of death, not have him bring it up.

"No," he started. "Wait. Have you uh, seen Jasmine?"

The question surprised him. Why had he asked it?

He shook his head slightly.

The obvious answer was so he could avoid her.
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