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Brendan didn't even think that it was because of Jae shooting him. No, it definitely wasn't because of that. He could think of better reasons why he had to stop Jae. He had this growing hatred forming towards Jae because he made him think of himself. A weak coward. It disgusted Brendan to the point that he wanted to see Jae not breathing anymore. But....

"I don't think that he should go home. I think he is too dangerous and a threat to many other people who are innocent here. I honestly can't forgive him for what he did. I've started to have this burning hatred building inside me towards him. Jae makes me think of myself in a bad way. I'm a coward who couldn't do anything right. So I should do the right thing by taking players out, right? It's the decision that I came to. I hope that you can understand that, Alba. And it's not just him I need to take out...." Brendan paused for a few moments and he averted his eyes towards a wall. "I don't really want to say this but...."

Brendan bit down on his lip hard, tasting a bit of blood in his mouth. He was going to regret saying this to her. But he had no choice.

"I have to stop Jon too. I saw him kill.... kill Amanda right in front of me. She was trying to help me because Jon was shooting at me with this gun." Brendan held up the revolver in his hand for Alba to see and then he lowered it again. "Jon said those bullets were supposed to be for me, not her. I wanted him to kill me after Amanda died, but he let me live. And now if I see him again, I will end it. I have to do the right thing. Jon isn't.... Jon isn't himself anymore. Neither is Dorothy. All the people I care about are now.... not who they used to be."
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