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"You're right."

Coleen stood up and turned, pressing a knee onto the chair to support her. Some of her hair had come loose from the tie Cameron 'gave' her and it had bunched up in the back somewhat. The bottom of her skirt was almost entirely drenched in blood. Some of it was Georgia Lee's. Some of it was Arthur's. She felt a strange twinge that none of it was hers, and she decided that feeling was guilt.

When guilt mixed with fear and anxiety in the pit that it formed in her stomach, it proved to be a volatile cocktail that nearly made Coleen wretch. She patched up the dryness in her throat with the last of the water inside the bottle she had pulled out the night before, then discarded it with a lazy toss to the side.

"She couldn't have gone far," Coleen said with the first gasping breath after finishing her drink. She snatched up her bag with the AK-47 still safely tucked inside, using the spear as her primary guardian for the time being. She wasn't alone. She could trust Olivia, and she could definitely trust Enzo.

They were trying to save a life, not end one.

"She didn't go far," Coleen repeated, headed for the door after Enzo. "Let's check this floor first, then head downstairs. Together... no splitting up," she insisted.

Splitting up was for Scooby Doo. An R-rated version of Scooby Doo where Old Man Henderson actually killed people.

((Coleen Reagan, continued in Ye Not))
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